Event coordination!
Chats with friends and colleagues!
Let BCC treat you to A HOT BEVERAGE!

Join BCC on the final Wednesday of each month, 9:00 to 10:00am, for coffee and conversation and event planning.

Calendar Sync meetings focus on two important things:
1. Your finalized upcoming events. You can share information about your planned events with everyone, and they will be listed on BCC’s events calendar.
2. Your events still in the planning stages. Come with the events you’re planning, find out what else is happening on dates you’re considering for your events, and find ways to coordinate, cooperate, and even collaborate! We have a wealth of fantastic events and ideas in our community, and want to create opportunities to find the best dates and locations for all of them.

Calendar Sync Meetings are held at locations in Belfast. Email us at info@belfastcreativecoalition.org, or check our calendar, to find out where the next meeting will be held.