Welcome to Cultivate 2016! 


Developed by the Belfast Creative Coalition, the Cultivate: Belfast Area Farm & Art Fall Tour highlights the richness of art, culture and agriculture in midcoast Maine.

Held on Saturday, October 8thCultivate is an open studio and farm tour with special workshops and demonstrations. Visit artists working in their studios and learn how farmers are entrepreneurs creating artistic consumer products from what they cultivate!

The Belfast Creative Coalition website will have full descriptions and images of the tour sites and suggested nearby attractions. All locations will be within 30-45 minutes driving time from Belfast – scroll down for our site listing and FAQ section!


Why Farms and Art? 

Here in Waldo County we have a unique combination of farmers and artists. The farmers are creative and the artists keep a ‘hand in the dirt’. There are farmers that make fiddles, print original woodcuts or create their visions on canvas. There are artists raising sheep, making cheese, harvesting and processing food. The love of place, embracing the handmade and being “local” are ubiquitous. The Cultivate Fall Tour celebrates and appreciates this universal spirit.

Farmers and artists have much in common. Maine is a uniquely inspirational state where collaboration and neighborly networking are an everyday occurrence, calling to many, even from miles away. Farming and art making are creative, responsive acts. Both farmers and artists are deeply involved in process. Life is valued as part of something that is becoming, a seed in the ground, a seasonal life that often requires a variety of vocational pursuits. The connecting thread of creative energy runs through their hands, their hearts and their souls outward to touch others with what they produce. These entrepreneurs work on a small, human and local scale. Their work requires discipline and careful time management to create the fruits they share with you, their community.


2016 Fall Tour!


We are pleased to announce the annual Cultivate Farm & Art Tour on October 8th from 10am-3pm. This year, the tour will be located in and around Belfast and Monroe (ME). All sites are within 35-40 minutes of downtown Belfast.

Cultivate is an open studio and farm tour with special workshops and demonstrations. Visit artists working in their studios and learn how farmers are entrepreneurs creating artistic consumer products from what they cultivate.

Participating sites include:


Kenny Cole (studio)

Jerri Finch (studio)

Janalee Welch (studio)

Waterfall Arts (demonstration)

Maine Farmland Trust (gallery) featuring James MacDonald

Mainely Pottery (demonstration)

Lewis Cisle (studio)

Roots & Wings Farmstand (farmstand)

Belfast Shade Company (studio & gallery)

Dan Bennet (demonstration)

Parent Gallery | Neal Parent Photography (gallery)

Good Karma Farm (farm & studio)

Susan Tobey White (studio, gallery & demonstration)

Elwell Organic Fruit Orchard + Nursery (farm & orchard)

Kris Engman & Betty Schopmeyer (studio)

Marsh River Cooperative (agricultural cooperative)


If you are interested in the tour & have questions about the sites, please be in touch!

To join the tour, please check in on Saturday, October 8th at our tour headquarters outside Waterfall Arts or in the gallery at Maine Farmland Trust. Maps will be available on site and online.



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Is the tour free? The tour is free for visitors and their families. However, we do ask that you check in at the Tour headquarters before you begin. This year you can check in at Waterfall Arts (outdoor booth) or inside the Maine Farmland Trust Gallery. We will have maps and additional information for you there.

Is this a guided tour? When you check in to the tour, you will be given a map and directions to each site… but then you’re on your own! We will have volunteers roaming the area throughout the day in case you get lost or have questions but it is a self-led tour.

May I purchase art during the tour? Yes! It would be wonderful if you did but doing so is not a requirement. Artists will likely be able to process a payment on site but if that isn’t possible, they’ll have directions on how to do so (either at a later date or through a specific gallery).

If I’m hungry, will there be food? Restaurants and cafes are not included on the tour but we will list some suggestions and there will definitely be a farmstand or two along the tour that would be more than worth a stop!

Are there any hikes nearby? Absolutely! And some beautiful ones at that. We’ll have a list of recreational opportunities listed on the tour map in addition to the tour sites so you can stretch your legs, take in the scenery, or even stop by a picnic. It will be prime leaf-peeping time on October 8th and we urge you to take advantage of Waldo County’s outdoor beauty!




Cultivate was one of four programs featured in the National Endowment for the Arts’ 50th Anniversary ‘United States of Arts: Maine’ video!