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Waldo County Farm and Arts Trail

Extended Deadline! March 1st, 2013
The Belfast Creative Coalition and the Maine Farmland Trust  have joined together in the development and sponsorship of the Waldo County Farm and Arts Trail. This Trail will highlight and network the culture, arts and agricultural richness of Waldo counties’ twenty-six communities.
For 2013, the inaugural year, the Trail will list 50 farms + 50 art studios along with cultural hubs within Waldo county. In the fall 2013 there will be a weekend long tour of the trail with special events at many locations. Visitors may drive, hike, bike, boat, or ski to different locales on the trail.
Apply for FREE to join the 2013 listings by March 1st online at the Belfast Creative Coalitions website and enjoy increased visibility, networking in your area and beyond, and boost the creative economy of Maine!
Applicants may include: farms, art studios, art schools, community art centers, cultural hubs, galleries, museums, theatres, opera houses, venues, musicians, art camps/retreats, farm stays, demonstration gardens, fisheries, farmer’s markets, artist markets and so much more.
Benefits to joining the 2013 Trail include:
  • Printed Trail maps distributed in Waldo county, visitor centers, and the Maine Tourism Association
  • Website directory within the Belfast Creative Coalition website
  • Future App for the Trail
  • Networking with the Belfast Creative Coalition and the Maine Farmland Trust, artists, farms, businesses creating community support
  • Increase visibility and accessibility to tourists and locals
  • Organized and promoted tour weekend in the fall of 2013
  • Boost traffic to your locale year round with the Trail
  • It’s FREE and is being developed to support you and your business!

To sign up please fill out the form located on the front page of our website.  For more information about this event please contact Kimberly Callas at kimberly@belfastcreativecoalition.org