Feed Your Miner

Caitlyn Mello is a self-taught artist, residing in Waldo County, Maine. She gravitates towards an array of mixed mediums, and is currently focused on ink and acrylics. She strives to contrast abstract with detail in her work. Usually she combines two or more mediums and/or styles, and then puts it all together to create one piece.

Caitlyn finds inspiration in the natural world, and her own life experiences. Passionate about using her artwork to make a global positive impact, Caitlyn donates 10% profit of every sale to water improvement efforts around the globe, with the help of the Bitgive Foundation and Givetrack.org. Currently, donations are made to the Chandolo Primary School Water Project.

To learn more about Caitlyn’s artwork, the BitGive Foundation, and current efforts towards clean water around the globe, head to www.feedyourminer.com.

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