Randall Jason Irvin Studio

Randall Jason Irvin is a painter whose work is inspired by Dada and Modern Art.

Artist Statement

“To be able to describe myself as an artist I have to start with being introduced to Dada and Modern Art by my High school art teacher Dena Warlow. It was this exposure that opened my mind and stimulated my curiosity to the vast possibilities of what art could be. It gave me an uncontrollable excitement to start creating. I never looked at the world the same from that moment on. Everything had a potential to become art, and sometimes it did. As I have gotten older this spirit lives with me. Mix in the wisdom and knowledge I have gained through life and this would be the inspiration for my art.

My most resent focus has been a sort of problem solving approach to creating the composition. I approach these works, “The Elements Series” and “The Moment Series,” as a scientist attempting to prove a hypothesis. I experiment with shapes to form geometrical configurations that are skillfully arranged in positions to simulate a situation. As for example, the image could take on a feeling of a type of machine under built up static pressure. I find these arrangements by layering shapes and pulling away parts to find the tension and balance in the positive and negative spaces. I use a variety of surfaces to paint on which includes wood, canvas, found objects and three dimensional surfaces. I have two different approaches to accomplish a composition. One is a method I describe as “painting deconstructed.” The process starts with leaving the raw canvas bare in parts and adding gesso only in other parts. I then add the paint in limited formations so that all the working parts of the painting can be seen, “the bones, the muscle, and the skin”.  The end result is a bold composition with a complex architecture that is combined with a simplistic elegance. The other approach is layering upon layers to find the design within the layers. This type of work allows me to get deep into the composition with a variety of paint and techniques that can produce a rich painting with an emerging design.”

Randall Jason Irvin

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