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    Hi Ron. As a newer citizen of Belfast, I just have to say that your Muses are the face of Belfast. I was disappointed when the Funding Campaign didn’t go as well as it should have gone. Maybe there wasn’t enough publicity for the campaign?

    I have to tell you a story. I was in Hawaii last winter and at the pool this woman from San Francisco saw my Belfast hat. She immediately asked me if those muses were still all over town. And I happened to have one of the old library bookmarks displaying them in my book. She was very excited to learn about you and if you were still carving. That’s how far news of the Muses has traveled. I gave her your information and she said she was going to contact you to see if it was possible to purchase one. Hope that happened. Anyway….

    What would it take to have those Muses back in town and back in the tide? Clearly having them around town is great publicity for you & I heard that you had originally donated them. If there is anyway to bring them back and you need bodies to have that happen, my husband and I are willing to volunteer for you. Just something to chew on. Hope to hear back from you (and see you again at the Arts in the Park weekend), Debbie Murphy

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