Bag End is a small, family run farm specializing in high quality, predominantly dark colored suri alpacas. We began our alpaca journey in 2005, when Jill was offered a job by a local suri breeder. It was love at first sight, and after two years of training and showing other people’s animals, she was ready to purchase her own. The family moved to a small farm in rural Maine in the summer of 2007, and have recently moved twenty minutes down the road to a large, “forever farm” purchased through the Maine Farmland Trust, which protects and preserves farmland throughout Maine. Jill runs the farm full time, caring for the suri alpacas, Nigerian dwarf dairy goats and poultry that call Bag End home. The farm is still a work in progress at the Pittsfield location, but has tremendous plans for the future. Bag End began with two bred females and two gelded males and has since grown to over forty suri alpacas. Bag End strives to produce superior quality fiber on strongly conformed animals that will perform well in the show ring at even the most competitive shows. We show our animals regularly, as well as perform quantitative testing in the form of yearly histograms and biopsies when possible. We also sell or process all blanket fiber, every year, and are strongly committed to the emerging North American alpaca fiber market. Visitors may have the opportunity to learn about alpaca care, try their hand at some fiber arts or just enjoy meeting the animals.


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