Belfast Creative Coalition is pleased to be working with Belfast Community TV to create a series of short videos showcasing the works of local visual artists. Each “Gallery Short” shows approximately 20 images of an artist set to music. “We are excited to be able to help showcase the works of local artists on our community channel,” said BCTVs station manager Ned Lightner. “We had created some shorts a few years ago and really liked the project. However, we had to do the legwork to track down the artists and their images. By working with Belfast’s Creative Coalition we are able to concentrate on creating the videos and the coalition coordinates the artist and their works. The coalition is able to offer this free benefit to its members.”
These one to two minute videos are shown between programs on Belfast’s non-commercial public access channel. They are also provided to the participating artists who may make them available on their website or share them on social media.
You can view all of the current Gallery Shorts videos below!
Image credits: David Estey, Jerri Finch, Kay Sullivan, and Petrea Noyes