Joshua Kauppila is a writer, poet, and agitator. Committed to social progress, he writes and works towards a new society. Active in the Belfast Poetry Community since 2011, his voice has been heard in the Poetry Slams, Jams and the Belfast Poetry Festival.

A committed free-thinker and anarchist, his works and life revolve around the uplift of the poor and marginalized and the dissolution of the social mechanisms which exploit and destroy human and non-human life.

Organizers and radical-artists thrive in a community of aware and assertive people, to that end, Joshua welcomes collaboration and conversation for those curious and committed to social transformation


” The folding twilight turns

lightness to darkness like origami

paper. skeletal trees darken the

clearing as the sun dips into

lands unseen. body braced

with inner warmth divining

its own coal to last the night ”

Out of the Wood  from

“Catastrophic Status Quo” by Joshua Kauppila: a self-published collection