I am a figurative sculptor living and working in Maine. I sculpt life-size figures in water-based clay. I then cast them into an architectural concrete. I use ground pigments mixed with beeswax or shellac, and natural materials such as wasp paper, bark, roots, and seeds to finish the work. Though I am classically trained in anatomy and figure structure, I work in the tradition of indigenous sculptors, using art as sacred object and gathering my materials from the earth. I have always been drawn to the various religions of the world, particularly their symbols and imagery. Through my work I strive to develop new symbolic ideas that are relevant to us today. These symbols, images, archetypes and patterns guide what artwork I will then create. I often work on one large life-size sculpture, while also creating several smaller satellite pieces. In this way, the relationships between the different artworks carry as much meaning, if not more, than the individual pieces.


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