Karen K. Kulberg, Artist

Karen Kulberg is an artist living in Belfast Maine working in encaustcs, oils and watercolors.

As she writes, “Five or so years ago, I decided to revive a long dormant interest in painting and the fine arts. I had done a lot of post-graduate work in fine art during the summers while teaching elementary school during the academic year when I was much younger. Life intervened, and years passed. Painting is once again a passion. My work is predominately impressionistic with a modern, abstracted twist expressed in oils and in encaustics and mixed media. The beauty of the northeast coast and the abundant flora is a constant inspiration.

I work in a variety of media primarily in the studio but also en plein air. Encaustic (melted wax) is a fascinating media that allows experimentation with color and embedded materials. The detritus of the forest and seashore: moss, bark fragments, kelp, shell fragments, shards of driftwood, sea glass, and often sand will find its way into my encaustic studio in Belfast, Maine.”