Lally Broch Farm is a Maine family homestead. We are a “no kill” farm. What that means is this; every animal born to (and kept) or adopted into our farm will live out their natural lives with us. Our family are not vegetarians, but we firmly believe that how an animal is raised and treated (especially those intended for food) matters. We believe in supporting our neighbors and buy locally when we can. Choosing to be a sanctuary for the animals in our care poses special challenges where animal husbandry is concerned. We believe that acquiring animals that we cannot afford to keep happy and healthy would be wrong for our family. We plan our growth carefully and try to breed our animals in a way that maintains the balance in our herds and flocks. Our animals pay “rent” in the form of the products they provide to us while they are young. In return, our animals live out their “retirement” years in peace. Our goats supply milk, yogurt, goat’s milk soap, and several types of cheese for a unique goat rental program. Our chickens, ducks, and geese provide delicious eggs to nourish our bodies and we create beautiful, unique, custom-designed mosiac eggshell jewelry from their egg shells. We also provide a limited number of organic, non-GMO CSA shares for neighbors. Beginning Spring 2014, Lally Broch Farm will host a “Hiking with Goats” program. You’ll be able enjoy the unique opportunity to take a leisurely hike up beautiful Mount Waldo in the company of one of our friendly, personable goats. We’ll provide water for your hike, a goat herder, and one dairy goat for your 2 hour excursion. Please call for more information and to reserve your time. Coming Soon: Soap Making Classes.