Maine Farmland Trust Gallery has coined the term “Stable Artists” to refer to a growing group of artists who collaborate with the Trust year-round in support of its mission: supporting farmers and protecting farmland.


This year’s Summer Stable Show runs from July 18 through August 18. The public is invited to the opening reception, which falls on the evening of Belfast’s Final Friday Art Walk, July 25, from 5:30-8pm.


Fifteen Stable Artists will be participating in this year’s show, which boasts a wide variety of media—from oil paintings to pastels, monotypes to woodblock prints, sculpture and jewelry to mixed media collage.


Those artists making a first appearance at Maine Farmland Trust Gallery include: Leslie Anderson, an exquisite painter living and working on the Blue Hill Peninsula, who studied under Dennis Pinette, Jon Imber, Tina Ingraham and Bjorn Rundquist, to name a few; Abbie Read, an artist well-known in the Midcoast for her stunning wall installation “Library,” consisting of old and altered books, found objects and mixed media; emerging artist Margaret Rizzio, now living in Camden, who creates humorous assemblages from old clippings and artifacts with a wink to the 40’s and 50’s.


Several other featured artists have exhibited before at Maine Farmland Trust Gallery , but this marks their first Summer Stable Show. Among those are Christopher O’Connor, a painter with a distinctive style which is reminiscent of late 19th century pointillism, who recently moved to Maine from Ireland; Lea Peterson, from Georgetown, whose seascapes and landscapes in oil and pastel reflect the many moods of New England; and local artist Willy Reddick, whose white-line woodblock prints add a whimsical, farm-y touch to this year’s selection.


Familiar favorites include farmer and jewelry maker Laurie Lofman Bellmore, print maker Julie Crane, artist/farmer Leslie Harris, visionary sculptor Elizabeth Ostrander, and accomplished painters Robin Rier, Charlotte Sawtelle, Leia Scotton, Jude Valentine, and Sarah Wilde.


“Not everybody who walks in understands the premise of our gallery,” said Anna Abaldo, gallery coordinator for Maine Farmland Trust. “The gallery functions as a way to engage people and raise funds for the Trust’s work, while celebrating agriculture through art. The Stable artists who work with us are proud that any sales of their work help to support a good cause.”

The gallery, located at 97 Main Street, Belfast, is open Monday through Friday from 9-4. In addition, the gallery will be open on the following days for extended summer hours: Friday July 18, until 8pm; Saturday July 19, 10-2pm; Friday July 25, until 8pm (opening and art walk); Friday August 1, 4-8pm (artist Charlotte Sawtelle present); Friday August 8, 4-8pm (artist Abbie Read present)


Maine Farmland Trust created this gallery because we believe in farming, and because we are committed to its future. Our vision is of a gallery that captures the vibrancy of Maine’s farms and farmers, the intimate relationship to the earth and animals they tend – a gallery which celebrates agriculture through art. Founded in 2008, our gallery has increasingly become known as “a gallery with a mission.” It has attracted artists from all over Maine who share a love for our rural heritage and the earth’s well-being. We hope that through this gallery, more people will come to understand the promise of farming, and as a result, lend fervent support to our efforts to secure Maine’s agricultural future.

Roughly half of anything purchased at MFT Gallery goes to the local artist that made it, the other part to farmland preservation! (How’s that for a bang for your buck?)

For more information please contact our Gallery Coordinator Anna Abaldo at 338-6575 or

The Maine Farmland Trust Gallery is a participant of the Final Friday Night Art Walk.