Here you will find a well-rounded variety of teas being offered, as well as the accessories to create your enjoyable cup. Whether you’re looking for a unique gift or information about tea, the Treasured Leaf Tea Company will rise to the occasion.

The concept of the Treasured Leaf Tea Company evolved over the years from visiting my neighbor as a little girl and being served tea and cookies, to working in a small tearoom in a bookstore as a teenager, to enjoying “high tea” with one of my best friends each year as we vacationed together in the South. Only recently did I put all these pieces together and realize my love for the celebration of tea would be more than a pursuit of happiness.

The tea industry is coming into its own, waking up after a gentle nap. The ease of enjoying good tea, the healthfulness it offers and the variety of flavors that are available, make exploring teas a lifelong journey. Please Join me!