Women Artists of Mid-coast Maine

Women Artists of Mid-Coast Maine is a group of women artists working in the mid-coast area of Maine.  We have come together to support, encourage, educate, and promote each other as artists.  Individually and collectively we celebrate the unique vision which ties us together as women expressing our world view through our art making.  We are makers, reflectors, creators, explorers, and most of all women who delight in sharing our world through our art.


Who are we – members and contact information


Betty Schopmeyer Betty.schopmeyer@gmail.com


Deb Jellison debjelli@hotmail.com


Deb Mitchell Dmitch2663@msn.com


Deborah Cook dcook9591@gmail.com


Janake Howard janake.dakin@gmail.com


JoAnne Houlsen joannechoulsen@hotmail.com


Julie Cyr julie.cyr.maine@gmail.com


Kay Carter Kaycarter08@gmail.com


Leecia Price leeciap@gmail.com


Sheep Jones sheep@sheepjones.com


Summer Hart summerjhart@gmail.com