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A Message from BCC


In extraordinary times like these, we need extraordinary responses to the challenges we all face living through and coming out of the pandemic.

We can’t pretend to know specifically how difficult this period has been for our creative community, but we are committed to learning and finding ways to be of service and hope.

We all NEED a vibrant arts community to thrive. That is BCC’s core belief.

From the Belfast Creative Coalition Team:

Essential Workers and Beyond

Thank goodness for “essential workers.”
Even in our darkest moments these last several weeks, we have paused to reflect on the remarkable sacrifices being made by our doctors, nurses and health care workers, food service providers, law enforcement members, emergency service teams, “curb-side” restauranteurs and all those who keep some portion of our world working even as we shelter inside. While this does not feel like a time to celebrate, that time will come. While it is unlikely for us to receive one “all clear” sign, the time WILL come when we can plan small or even  large celebrations to honor how we banded together as a community to survive this pandemic. 


Artists have always been central to historic moments and remembrances. All the art forms are appropriate for reflection and action on this pending moment. The literary, performing and visual arts have all played essential and historic roles during times of crisis. Some of us have the means to hire or commission local artists to help us commemorate or celebrate coming through this time and we know our artists and arts community need the support.

Belfast Creative Coalition proposes a local celebration this fall, representing all art forms involving paid commissions to LOCAL artists.

We invite our wonderful creative businesses and organizations –The University of Maine, our downtown galleries and businesses, Waterfall Arts, Belfast Flying Shoes, Restorative Justice Project, Midcoast Regional Reentry Center, Chamber of Commerce, Our Town Belfast and our city leaders to join with BCC and plan a spectacular, joy-filled celebration in the fall.

Can we act, dance, paint, recite, sing, photograph, and write our way back to health and happiness? BCC thinks we can. Let’s do this…

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A .G.I.G. Economy
Artists. Giving. Inspiring. Growing!

Help BCC effectively advocate and seek funding for you, your art, your growth and impact as a working artist. We want to know you and your work better.

We’re interested how this extended pause in the economy has affected you as an artist – your ability to book, attend, create gigs, mount shows, make sales, hold classes or workshops.

We’d like a story or two about you as an artist.

We want to learn of any new plans, changes or expansions you are considering for your art.

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