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Art and the City

BCC is collaborating with the City of Belfast to open City Hall to the fantastic, the whimsical, the wise, the transformative, and the moving.

Our plan is to install art in various locations and forms throughout City Hall including inside the City Council Chambers.

We have made a beginning with Belfast-based visual art starting with a photography show, The Colors of Belfast from Susan Guthrie. The next exhibit will be paintings from award-winning Belfast artist, Lewis Cisle.

Going forward we intend to introduce the work of the many artists and art forms flourishing throughout our city to our council members and officials, city employees and to the public of Belfast who arrive at City Hall for a variety of reasons, with a number of needs – including perhaps the desire to be inspired by what they encounter in our central place of governance.

Would you like to join our small band of volunteers during 2019 on the Art and the City project as we meet to consider bringing art to the beating heart of Belfast – into City Chambers spilling out around City Hall? Call Larraine at 323 2747 for more information about this exciting project.