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BCC Member Profile: Krista Odom, owner at Alpha Libra Studio

Krista Odom at Alpha Libra Studio & Showroom in Belfast

Alpha Libra’s second-story studio in Belfast’s Masonic Building is a welcoming, bright space, with touches of artwork all over, from studio owner Krista Odom’s paintings on the walls to the racks of screen printed garments on display, and even the contrasting pink shades of the floorboards. I had the chance recently to sit down with Krista to talk about her work and about the story of Alpha Libra Studio & Showroom.

Krista is, in her words, an ‘all-around artist’ – she is a textile designer, illustrator, and painter. This really makes sense when she tells me that she is all about finding the right balance, in her work itself and between work and the other pieces of life. Krista’s sign of the zodiac is, of course, Libra (the name Alpha Libra comes from one of the brightest stars in Libra’s constellation), and Libra, she tells me, is the sign of the scales. This sense of seeking balance plays a big role in the way she approaches her artistic practice. Krista is a mom who homeschools her children, and her goal, she says, is “having life be as one working organism,” so that her artwork and the other components of her life aren’t necessarily separate things. We agree that it’s hard to stick to a schedule of making art in a busy life, but “I make sure I make time,” she emphasizes.

Alpha Libra began in 2010, with Krista screenprinting baby clothes with signs of the zodiac. When she started Alpha Libra, she was working out of her home, but has now been in the Masonic Building for a year. “It feels like a good energy,” she tells me about her studio space. I think so, too – she has comfortable chairs, twinkly lights, and an open floor plan that makes the display and work areas blend nicely together.

About her creative process, Krista says that she loves making paintings, and finds producing one-of-a-kind printed pieces especially fun. Her designs are elegant, natural-looking patterns and shapes, and she prints them onto clothes, accessories, and home items like pillows and table runners.

Krista has lived in many places, but grew up spending the summers in Maine. She has lived in the Belfast area since 2003, and loves being an artist here. “People have been so receptive, so supportive,” she says. “And they have excellent taste…Belfast is the best town in the world.”

Read more about Alpha Libra Studio & Showroom here.

Alpha Libra Studio & Showroom in Belfast


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