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Cultivate: Belfast Area Farm & Arts Tour

The Cultivate Farm + Art Tour is an annual event series that is designed to celebrate Waldo County’s rich cultural resources and natural beauty. The love of place, embracing the handmade, and being “local” are ubiquitous here in Waldo + this tour is designed to celebrate and appreciate this entrepreneurial spirit.

Take a quick tour: watch this 3 minute video and “cultivate” will make perfect sense!

Why Farms and Art?

Here in Waldo County we have a unique combination of farmers and artists; often times, the farmers are creatives and the artists keep a ‘hand in the dirt’. There are farmers that make fiddles, create original woodcuts, or bring their visions to life on canvas. There are artists raising sheep, making cheese, harvesting vegetables and processing local foods. The love of place, embracing the handmade and being “local” are ubiquitous. The Cultivate Farm + Art Tour celebrates and appreciates this universal spirit.

Farmers and artists have much in common. Maine is a uniquely inspirational state where collaboration and neighborly networking are an everyday occurrence, calling to many, even from miles away. Farming and art making are creative, responsive acts. Both farmers and artists are deeply involved in process. Life is valued as part of something that is becoming, a seed in the ground, a seasonal life that often requires a variety of vocational pursuits. The connecting thread of creative energy runs through their hands, their hearts and their souls outward to touch others with what they produce. These entrepreneurs work on a small, human and local scale. Their work requires discipline and careful time management to create the fruits they share with you, their community.

Did you know? cultivate was one of four programs featured in the national endowment for the arts’ 50th anniversary ‘united states of arts: maine’ video!

Cultivate is made possible in part by BCC members, the Elmina B. Sewall foundation, Waldo County commissioners, the City of Belfast, and the Quimby Family Foundation. thank you!