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Our dangerous ideas also happen to be very practical

How so? Our creative economy already brings more than $7,800,00.00 in revenues to Waldo County, is responsible for hundreds of jobs and brings dozens of businesses to settle here. We are well poised to triple that amount, to bring in excess of $23,000.00.00 through the arts and culture of Waldo County.

Right now we are facilitating a Waldo County cultural planning process that is documenting various communities of diverse, dazzling, independent, ingenious, artists and artisans who often display the highest standards in fine art, wood and steel work, dance, performance, culinary arts, photography, literature, spoken word, music, theater. . . works of the hand, of the mind, of the heart.

Our rural arts and activist conference

What’s that? The 2019 FreeHand Forum is a deep focus on the extraordinary power of the arts to positively impact our justice system and the opioid crisis taking lives and hurting our rural communities and towns.

Artist development workshops

What this? Low-cost, practical training for creatives in finance, social media, grant-writing, promotion and topics that help creatives thrive in their own sustainable creative economy.

Low-cost artist Living & Workspaces

Really? Yes, grants and incentives are available to fund these programs. Our committed, experienced staff can write “the right” grants to uncover resources for Waldo County creatives.

Except we can’t

Not without you. We need you to support our work to grow our unique arts economy. We are poised to accomplish amazing things, to expand the creative economy throughout Waldo county, but only with help.

Dear Friends,
BCC exists so that Waldo County artists can thrive and continue to inspire; to make our lives, our kids, and their kids lives, richer, deeper and more fulfilling. Please pledge your support, send a check in the enclosed envelope, or make a one-time or continuing donation with our handy donation form.

BCC Donation Form

Use this form to make a donation to BCC and pay online though our Paypal gateway. You do not need to have a Paypal account, and you will be prompted for your credit card info upon checkout. If you would prefer to pay offline, please call us at 207-218-1144.

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