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Farm to Gallery Food Tastings at the Belfast Fourth Friday Art Walks

Belfast Creative Coalition and Maine Farmland Trust have partnered for the 2016 and 2017 art walk seasons to present the Farm to Gallery Food Tastings. The Farm to Gallery Food Tastings feature delicious hors d’oeuvres that are offered at many of the art walk sites, and are made from locally-produced fruits, vegetables, and other products sourced from local farms.

When you visit the Belfast Fourth Friday Art Walk in August, keep an eye out for these delicious treats! Waldo County’s many farms, and culinary arts in the Belfast area, are an integral piece of the local arts culture, and BCC is thrilled to be able to include these tastings as an important part of an event that celebrates local art.

Many thanks to Maine Farmland Trust for coordinating the Farm to Gallery Food Tastings!

Below: images of Farm to Gallery Food Tastings at the Treasured Leaf Tea Company for the July art walk. Photos by Shelly Patten.

The “Swavery Cracker” (Sweet/Savory) Organic Water Crackers (from the Co-op) Cream Cheese spread with Cranberry & Pecans from Springdale Farm Salad Turnip (slice, topper) from New Beat Farm
The “Itty Bitty Brownie Bites” Chocolate with Walnuts, Lime Squares, and Marbled Cheesecake from Sweet Henry’s
The “Aphrodite Roll”: Tomato and Spinach Wraps from Plymouth Pond Farm & Bakery Tzatziki spread from Appleton Creamery Fresh Basil from New Beat Farm

Below: an image from the BCC table at the art walk. Photo by Tony Chiodo.

BCC Art Walk Table Farm to Gallery Food Tastings and list of the producers of the foods.