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Hewnoaks Artist Colony call for residency applicants


Application Deadline 03-04-2017

Magnificently situated on the eastern shore of Kezar Lake, Maine, Hewnoaks offers an extraordinary setting of inspiration and beauty. By resurrecting its art-making traditions we aim to honor its creative history and preserve its environmental integrity. Adventurous artists and thinkers are invited to live and work at Hewnoaks from late June until mid-September each year. Residencies run from one to three weeks, depending on availability. Participants are accommodated in rustic cabins complete with basic kitchens, bathrooms and bedrooms.

Hewnoaks does not provide designated studio spaces. Residents must bring their own supplies and set up their studios within their cabins. Previous residents have been resourceful in working out the details of living and working in the same space. Participants are responsible for their own transportation. Food and other basic necessities are available at nearby stores. The property is about 90 minutes northwest of Portland.

Hewnoaks Artist Colony welcomes applications from all kinds of artists. Residents have included a variety of visual artists, photographers, filmmakers, performers, musicians, and writers. Curators may also apply. We encourage collaborative applications as well, from artists wanting to work together on particular projects or from groups or collectives that have specific goals for their collaboration. Preference is given to Maine applicants, but we also encourage applications from artists outside of Maine.