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Join the cultural treasure hunt

Waldo County Cultural Plan is an ongoing treasure hunt and we can’t stop until every hidden cultural gem in Waldo County is discovered.

On Monday, November 19 we will hold a community gathering at the Hutchinson Center on Route 3 in Belfast.

What’s at stake? Money & Resources

Who should come?
Artists & Makers, Performers & Creators, Farmers & Crafters, Educators & Leaders, Dreamers & Organizers

Why? Our creative economy brings more than $7,800,00.00 in revenues to Waldo County and is responsible for a variety of jobs. The plan is the vital groundwork to continue growing the economy and supporting new ventures, ideas, and our creatives, makers, and art related businesses.

What’s does this mean? Basically, the Maine Arts Commission offered several cities a $10,000 seed grant to partially pay for a consultant, of the commission’s choosing, to help us develop a cultural plan for the entire county. We have to come up with the second half of the consultant’s fee plus pay for the meetings and time it takes to organize.

Not an easy feat for a tiny organization like the Belfast Creative Coalition. We have never done anything like this, but love the challenge.

So, why do it at all? Because the arts and culture planning process collects, crunches, organizes, provides and presents the necessary data to support creative’s and their organization’s plans and requests to foundations and granting agencies and to art patrons and donors.

For example, if all the theater people come forward and helped document the support they have received from the community and articulate potential future growth plans, that information can be incorporated and useful if the theatre group have a dream of say, developing a trust fund to support productions or to purchase equipment or starting an acting school or purchasing a theater space, etc.

This is a county-wide process. We also had one in Unity and may have another in Thorndike. The point is to get the hubs of creativity to come together and talk about what they want to see in a cultural plan.

Your input is important and we hope you will join us either in Searsport, next Monday or at the Hutchingson Center on the 19th.

The Searsport meeting has homemade Apple Crisp being provided by a local church group and there will be a unique community art weaving experience… just saying…

But there will be refreshments and special treats including Apple Crisp, a communal creation, and the amazing exhibition Jeri Finch art currently showing at the Hutchingson Center meeting, as well.

For more information on the Waldo County Cultural Plan project please contact: Larraine Brown 323 2747/218 1144