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Isaac Wright

Isaac Wright originally hales from the Bangor area. In 2009 he moved to Belfast because he could not keep his dog, Bugsy, where he was living. Wright visited Belfast with musician Eric Green for whom he designed the Eric Green Party logo and hats. People’s  Read More »

Jan Owen Art

Our age of computer technology is as exciting as when Gutenberg developed the printing press. While digitized information soars through space, I write with pens and brushes. Independent of technology, the power and beauty of words are constant; the depth of thought and leap of  Read More »

Jeffrey Ackerman and Kathy Weinberg

Jeffrey and Kathy work on painting, and sculpture in a timber frame workshop and studio that they built, themselves from timber milled by a neighbor on the Weymouth Road in Morrill. Their artwork, painting and sculptures are based on aspects of ancient art combined with  Read More »

Jeweled Horizons

J eweled Horizons: Jewelry where each piece tells a story of history, culture, travel and fashion. The beads that I use are all unique. They are either very old, handmade, well-traveled glass beads, or semi-precious hand cut beads from artisans in Third World Countries. I  Read More »

Jon Byrer Art

My work is my view of the complex beauty in the Maine landscape. From bodies of water to country roads, I strive to capture the movement in each scene. My art is inspired by Maine’s raw natural beauty and the architecture and culture of the  Read More »

Kathi Peters – Cob Cottage Studio

F From the sanctuary of our small Maine horse farm I have found subjects that inspire me to paint them. Light and shadow call out to be put on canvas. I move from realism to abstraction, mixing the two …. I see color, edges, movement  Read More »

Kay Sullivan Studio

Kay Sullivan’s drawings and paintings portray nature’s energy. They are a reflection on time’s passing: its rhythms, cycles, seasons. Emphasizing marks and materials, she strives to maintain a balance allowing the landscape to emerge with her marks. These marks are the evidence she leaves of  Read More »

Kenny Cole Studio

K Kenny Cole’s art is intuitive, often political and reflects a clear fluency of contemporary issues, fitting neatly into the continuum of modern art. Kenny shows his work in the Mid Coast area of Maine, in Portland, Maine, in N.Y.C. and internationally. He offers interactive  Read More »

Kris Engman Studio

Artist Statement “Until recently, the still-life and landscape paintings have been about color behavior, compositional structure and the simple arrangement of information. I hope to establish a delicate aesthetic, which is perhaps hard to recognize as the role of the subject is understated. Often, with  Read More »

Landmesser Paintings

For most of his professional life, William Landmesser has been a Maine artist, inspired by Maine light’s effect on natural and man-made forms as well as by the rich tradition of Maine art. His paintings are collected internationally, housed in private and public collections. The  Read More »

Leslie Woods

Why paint figures in sport? Sport is where people can be totally absorbed physically, mentally and emotionally, where people function at the essence of being human. Throughout the world, people of all ages ride bikes, run and play sports. I live in Montville but love  Read More »

Lewis Cisle Studio

Lewis Cisle is a complex artist whose artistic expression has both depth and range. His subjects reflect the contrasts of a small industrial town with the rural beauty of Southwestern Ohio, where he was born and raised. Equally important to his art are his boyhood  Read More »

Local Color – Gallery

Local Color Gallery is a new cooperative art gallery featuring 15 midcoast Maine artists. Our mission is to offer artists opportunities to show and sell their work, while supporting the arts community in Belfast. We look forward to participating in the Fourth Friday Art Walks  Read More »

Lynn Karlin Photography

Lynn Karlin is a award winning commercial and fine art photographer whose work appears in publications, corporate offices and galleries world-wide. Originally from NYC, Lynn graduated from Pratt Institute. She lived the farm-to-table experience for 8 years after moving to a farm in Maine in  Read More »

Maine Art Scene Magazine

Since 2007, Maine Arts Scene online magazine has been promoting Maine artists and arts organizations in new and enterprising ways. We are offering offer a truly democratic voice to Maine artists and arts organizations throughout the state statewide to these entities through our online platform.  Read More »