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Abbie Read

While printmaking was Abbie Read’s particular passion for many years, early on she also drew and painted watercolors of the landscape of Maine and around New England, learned how to make paper, and in graduate school studied welding, rustic furniture making, furniture design, assemblage, oil painting and figure drawing.

As a passionate gardener, she finds that the natural world has always in some way informed her art. As a graduate student she taught herself the rudiments of making books but it wasn’t until she began taking classes with Rebecca Goodale in Maine that she began to hone her skills in Book Arts. While not calling herself an expert in that field, she incorporates these skills, as well as her passion for collecting old books and odd objects, into her constructions. She has been working with handmade, old and altered books for a number of years now.”

Read the rest of Abbie Read’s biography at abbiereadartist.com.

Abbie Read