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East Coast Barn Quilts

Barn Quilts are hand painted Quilt Designs to hang on your Home, Garage, Shed, Camp or yes Barn! Accent your home with a beautiful, colorful piece of art!

These are painted on 3/4″ Hardwood plywood Boards that have been applied a basecoat and several coats of acrylic high tint colors then sealed with a semigloss spar poly coat. Thru many trials they have endured our Maine Coasts very challenging Seasons weatherwise. I attach a poly cord to the backs of the smaller sizes that you may attach to porch or exterior walls easily reached and perhaps changed frequently as a Seasonal Decoration (I have done this for years without issue)

Pieces 3’x3′ or larger, or hung high in eaves need to be affixed TO the building by the customer.