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Eat More Cheese

Eat More Cheese is a cheese and specialty food shop located n the historic downtown district of Belfast, Maine. We offer a Cheese of the Month Club.

We carry a wide variety of cheeses from across the United States and abroad, as well as accompanying foods including salami, dried fruit a nuts, honeys, spreads & jams and chocolate. We also stock a range of specialty cheese utensils & supplies.

We are passionate about cheese and our goal is to provide the absolute best service to our customers. We take great lengths to ensure that all of our cheeses are properly cared for and in prime condition.

Another of our goals is to help our customers enjoy cheese without any pretension or snobbery. Enjoying cheese should be fun! We encourage all of our customers to sample as much as they’d like before purchasing, and no question is a bad question. Whether you prefer mild Gouda, humble cheddar or gooey, stinky washed rinds- you’re welcome here.