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Fernwood Nursery

We are a unique family run native, woodland and shade plant nursery. Most of our plants are grown and propagated here on the farm, many of which are our own selections and introductions. We grow plants that are often hard to find and are well adapted to the areas climate and growing conditions. We believe in growing and offering plants with both aesthetic and practical qualities.

In addition to the native and ornamental plants featured at the nursery, we also grow three large organic vegetable gardens. These provide our household (and many others) with an abundance of year round food. We harvest, can, dry, and freeze all that we produce. We raise free range meat birds, as well as a flock of layers. We raise our own pork, beef, and have milked a family dairy cow that provides our household with home made cheese, butter, yogurt, kefir, and other dairy products. Our kitchen is state licensed and certified. A farmstand at the checkout area often has freshly made sour dough bread, home baked pies, scones and other baked goods for sale. Extra fresh produce and vegetable seedlings are often available, as well.

Our farm is host to a flock of Blue Face Leicester sheep. Their wool is shorn every spring here at the farm and then hand spun into yarn, felted, or knit into creations we offer for sale. We raise ram lambs for our own freezer. A major focus of ours has been continuing to farm in a way that promotes self-sustainability and stewardship of the land. Our gardens and farm are available to explore and enjoy. The farm is always adding to the list of classes we offer with a plant, farm or art theme.

We are minutes away from Lake St George State Park, the Sheepscot Well Spring Alliance trail network, Waterfall Arts Studio (Montville location), Liberty Graphics, and the Liberty Tool Barn.