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Jeffrey Ackerman and Kathy Weinberg

Jeffrey and Kathy work on painting, and sculpture in a timber frame workshop and studio that they built, themselves from timber milled by a neighbor on the Weymouth Road in Morrill. Their artwork, painting and sculptures are based on aspects of ancient art combined with a modern sensibility. Materials include oil paint on canvas, woodcarving, stone carving clay and bronze. The workshop is also equipped with dozens of antique carving tools for hand carving, fine woodworking and antique restoration.

They recently had a two-person show of their art work at the Betts Gallery in Belfast, ME. They work on commissions for custom designed furniture. The workshop and studio is attached to an old farmhouse that has been restored, and still remains a simple and rustic farmhouse. Behind the workshop there is a large backfield, old apple trees cultivated grape vines, and garden surrounded by woods. Jeffrey and Kathy worked on the installation of the American and European period rooms at the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston, in the American wing and Astor Court of the Metropolitan Museum in New York, as well as the Museum of the City of New York.

The town of Morrill is small and rural, but artist, painter, Sam Gelbar lives on the Weymouth road. Metaphor Bronze is four miles away on route 131. Lake St. George is ten miles away on Route 3, near John’s Ice Cream.

Kathy Weinberg’s website: kathyweinbergstudio.com
Jeffrey Ackerman’s website: jeffreyackermanstudio.com

Jeffrey Ackerman and Kathy Weinberg

Kathy Weinberg

Jeffrey Ackerman