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Jon Byrer Art

My work is my view of the complex beauty in the Maine landscape. From bodies of water to country roads, I strive to capture the movement in each scene. My art is inspired by Maine’s raw natural beauty and the architecture and culture of the mid coast region. This landscape is capricious; intermingling light, color, and shadow in a constant evolution through time. My objective is to convey this sense to my viewer through my painting style and technique.

I am interested in experimenting with alternative techniques, painting beyond brushes. The technique I apply is pouring layers of enamel paints onto the canvas to create fluidity. These mixing colors are set in place when dry but seem liquid. The dry paint leaves permanent eddies, whirls, and swirling images on the canvas. My artistic vision reimagines familiar scenes and encourages the viewer to reexamine the splendor in the everyday.

Please visit my work at www.JonByrer.com and at Opera House Video located at 109A Church Street in Belfast.

Watch Jon in a time lapse video as he creates his Crescent Moon painting!

Jon is also a avid musician and has played his music on WERU. He just released a new album ‘Sonic Wrinkle’ on Bandcamp. Listen to Jon.