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Kathi Peters – Cob Cottage Studio

F From the sanctuary of our small Maine horse farm I have found subjects that inspire me to paint them. Light and shadow call out to be put on canvas. I move from realism to abstraction, mixing the two …. I see color, edges, movement and design everywhere I look. I need to paint them. My visual vocabulary is unlimited.

Casein is my medium of choice, a milk-based medium that has stood the test of time. Its earthy colors with muted hues help to capture the moment and mood I aspire to create. Yet I am also drawn to transparent watercolor with delicate luminous wash and fine line……and lately to oil paint with its vibrant colors when painted on an archival copper substrate…. a substrate that seems to create an inner glow that emanates from each painting. With every painting, I am striving to tell a story, to invoke a memory and hopefully I can touch a heart.”

My artwork is exhibited at several out of state galleries and through River Arts Gallery in Damariscotta, Maine. I also accept commission work.

Cob Cottage Studio is a working studio, open by appointment.

Blog: www.kathipeters.com/blog.