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Kenny Cole Studio

K Kenny Cole’s art is intuitive, often political and reflects a clear fluency of contemporary issues, fitting neatly into the continuum of modern art. Kenny shows his work in the Mid Coast area of Maine, in Portland, Maine, in N.Y.C. and internationally. He offers interactive paintings on canvas, gouache, ink and watercolor on paper and silk-screen prints. Kenny’s art is a visionary mix with an activist inspired political thrust.

“Kenny Cole’s work is completely current and fresh, and has the smoking gun of sophisticated, “make you think”, power that comes with experience— the ultimate cocktail!!” – Carly Glovinski

Kenny’s studio, one of the last remaining farm houses with a connected barn on Main Street in Monroe, is a 100 year-old structure in the town center. Monroe has acres of rolling fields and includes a town park complete with baseball diamond, basketball court and horse shoe pits.


Kenny Cole

Maine artist Kenny Cole creates a two-story mural at the Unity College Center for the Performing Arts in Unity, Maine. The title of the show and mural is taken from the Bible, "Even Now the Reaper Draws His Wages." The show--presented in Cole's trademark playful, colorful, accessible style--is offered as a dialogue starter regarding the morality of remote warfare. "Kenny Cole Sugar," offers a taste of the artist's attempt to engage his audience into dialogue regarding sometimes distasteful issues. Film by John Zavodny.