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Landmesser Paintings

For most of his professional life, William Landmesser has been a Maine artist, inspired by Maine light’s effect on natural and man-made forms as well as by the rich tradition of Maine art. His paintings are collected internationally, housed in private and public collections. The artist begins with life studies which often hold their own as collectible works. Those that speak strongest are the basis for studio paintings that transcend mere reportage and have as their ultimate meaning the grace, goodness and truth of God.

In 1990, a former garage was moved to the artist’s property in Stockton Springs, Maine. For twenty years the space served as both studio and small gallery. In 2011, Mr. Landmesser moved his studio into his adjacent home, doubling the gallery space. Now called simply Landmesser Paintings, the gallery sits among maturing pines and hardwoods, where visitors are welcome to enjoy your picnic lunch.