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Sochor Studio – Lesia Sochor

Sustaining an idea until it’s ripe, one begins the process…….

Stretching and gessoing a canvas is a discipline Lesia Sochor has done for forty years. What is put to that canvas is a narrative told in paint prompted by personal experiences.

Her series Threads began in 2007 when she was inspired by wooden spools of thread connecting her to her female ancestors. Through the daily practice of painting, this work evolved into the Bodice series, which in turn morphed into the Mannequin series. Sochor says: “Ideas begin to take on a life of their own. If I am open and allow this process to occur I facilitate this evolution”.

Born in Philadelphia, PA to Ukrainian immigrant parents, she graduated from the Philadelphia College of Art in 1974 with a degree in Fine Art. She moved to Brooks, Maine in 1980 where she lives at the end of a dirt road with her husband John, a woodworker. Together they garden, build stone walls, make dandelion wine, and run a small hydro-electric station.

In addition to flourishing as an artist, Lesia is a dedicated and enthusiastic teacher of art who has given instruction in public schools, residencies through the Maine Arts Commission, and museum workshops for 25 years. She has also illustrated two children’s books and continues to honor her roots by introducing the art of ‘Pysanka’, a Ukrainian decorated egg, in workshops throughout the state.

She has exhibited extensively in the state of Maine and beyond. Selected exhibitions include: Bluestone Patio, NY; Allied Artists of America, NYC; University of the Arts Philadelphia, PA ; Hobe Sound North, ME; The Farnsworth Museum, ME; Gilley Museum, ME; University of Southern Maine. Exhibits of the past two years include: Pace Galleries, Freyburg Academy, ME; Boston State House, MA; Fountain Street Arts, MA; CMCA (Center for Contemporary Art), ME.

Solo exhibitions since 2010: E Moss Gallery, ME; Caldbeck Gallery, ME; Lesley University, Cambridge, MA .

Most recent acquisitions have been by the Alex Katz Foundation.