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Leslie Woods

Why paint figures in sport? Sport is where people can be totally absorbed physically, mentally and emotionally, where people function at the essence of being human. Throughout the world, people of all ages ride bikes, run and play sports. I live in Montville but love to watch people everywhere.

Primarily I am a figure painter and bodies are meant to move. My work takes the senses beyond the figure's immediate action to the place the eye sees but the mind can't retain. While anchored in realism, my passion is design and I seek an overall rhythm and line as I add form, energy and color.

After I research photos and drawings for the images that represent my idea, I add design elements to enhance the moment. Through my study of anatomy, a one-inch blurry background figure in a photo may become a full-size player or the genders may change.

I choose sports that my family or I have played or that I am strongly familiar with. Although I paint portraits, I prefer to apply hats and shadows on faces. I want people to envision themselves, a friend or relative in my work and say, "That moment, that's what it felt like."

Although primarily acrylic, some works are in pastel. My paintings are regularly at River Arts Gallery, Damariscotta, and Boothbay Region Arts Foundation (BRAF) Gallery, Boothbay Harbor

See more about Leslie Woods on here website at lesliewoodsart.com