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Maine Farmland Trust Gallery

Maine Farmland Trust (MFT) created the Maine Farmland Trust Gallery because of the belief in farming and committed to the future of farming. The vision is of a gallery that captures the vibrancy of Maine’s farms and farmers, the intimate relationship to the earth and animals they tend – a gallery which celebrates agriculture through art. Founded in 2008, the gallery has increasingly become known as “a gallery with a mission.” It has attracted artists from all over Maine who share a love for rural heritage and the earth’s well-being. MFT hopes that through this gallery, more people will come to understand the promise of farming, and as a result, lend fervent support MFT’s efforts to secure Maine’s agricultural future.

Roughly half of anything purchased at MFT Gallery goes to the local artist that made it, the other part to farmland preservation–how’s that for a bang for your buck?!

Maine Farmland Trust Gallery recently launched a new website that links to a state-of-the-art inventory system. This improvement ensures that you can view all art available for purchase from Maine Farmland Trust’s represented artists.

The Maine Farmland Trust Gallery, located at 97 Main Street in Belfast, is a participant of Belfast’s Fourth Friday Night Art Walk.

For more information please contact Gallery Coordinator Anna Abaldo.

Maine Farmland Trust is a statewide, member-powered nonprofit working to protect farmland, support farmers, and advance farming. Maine Farmland Trust created its gallery to celebrate art in agriculture, and to inspire and inform the public about farming in Maine.