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Maine Garden

Welcome to our dreams! The Maine Garden is a small self sustaining organic daylily and peony breeding farm. In 1991 I came to Waldo to fulfill my lifelong dreams of retirement. Now some 25 years later all our hard work of clearing land; building raised beds; making our own seafood compost (around 50 yards yearly); selecting plants to breed and raising our food; we are living those dreams!

Our breeding program for peonies is from around 100 different cultivars. Our daylily programs are much more involved. I have selected hundreds of dips & tets to breed with; just to have our own seedlings. All hybridizing of peonies & daylilies are done from our own named and/or registered cultivars crossed and raised here at our “little piece of heaven”.

Come look at our art.
See compost being made daily.
Look over the nearly 2,000 daylilies.
Come enjoy the peace & quiet.

Operated by Bill and Lynn Warman in Waldo, the sole purpose of T.M.G. is to promote, encourage and foster the development and improvement of the genus Hemerocallis.

At T.M.G. we find by donating to as many nonprofit causes as we can, more and more people find the beauty and are intrigued by hybridizing the older cultivars. More understanding of this Perfect Perennial opens the possibility of more and more peoples desire to not only have them in their gardens, but to connect to Mother Earth in ways they may have never considered.

At T.M.G. we hybridize for the unusual, such as two stalks from a single fan and breeding tetraploid to diploid or diploid to tetraploid, with six or seven way branching, great clear colors and round shape cultivars.