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Many Hands Farm

We are a small family farm/homestead on 8 open acres of beautiful sloping fields. The intention of our farm is to steward the land using permaculture and biodynamics with an open-hearted awareness of the community of people, plants, animals and nature spirits on this little patch of earth. We grow a diversity of mostly open-pollinated, heirloom varieties of vegetables, fruit, nut trees, medicinal and culinary herbs, edible flowers and unusual permaculture plants like goji. We raise Nigerian dwarf dairy goats, Welsh Harlequin and Ancona ducks, a trio of Buff geese and a good size flock of heritage breed chickens for eggs. We sell to a caterer, have a very small CSA and sell a bit to the Marsh River Co-op, but mostly we grow food for ourselves and to share with others. We LOVE food!

We often host guests who come to rest and just be on a farm or who want an alternative to a hotel. We ask for donations on a sliding scale and meet really wonderful amazing people!

Our farm is actively working on a few projects for the greater community. One such project is establishing this land as a community land trust which will permanently remove it from the speculative market and keep it as land for the commons! Other projects include: The Perinatal Mental Health Awareness Project and the Yemaya Institute.