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Marsh River Cooperative

The Marsh River Cooperative was established in 2014 as a consumer and producer member agricultural cooperative and opened a retail storefront in August 2014. Its focus is on promoting and selling food and other goods produced within a 10-mile radius of the Co-op, at an affordable price. This radius serves a low-income, low-access area population and includes approximately 90 agricultural producers. As of April 2016, the Co-op has nearly 100 producer and consumer members. Please consider joining us today!

The Marsh River Co-op carries a selection of local, organic, and other items including fresh produce, fresh bread and snacks, frozen meats, dairy, bulk organic herbs and spices, and bulk repack flours, nuts, dried fruits, legumes and pulses.

We prioritize purchasing from our local Producer Members whenever possible, and source other local, Maine, and “away” items to fill the gaps.

The Marsh River Co-op is pleased to feature numerous products hand-crafted by local artisans. The offerings of our talented community members include jewelry, wood crafts, fiber and fabric arts,glass and much more.

Crafts are selected for sale in the store through a review process with members of the Craft Committee and management.