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Marsh River Theater

The Marsh River Theater is a community theater in Brooks, Maine, offering high quality entertainment at reasonable prices, helping you experience the joys of live theater. We invite you to share the fun with us.

The Marsh River Theater building was built as the Union Hall in 1904. In the original building stood a stage, a kitchen, a dining room, and meeting rooms. The hall was used for meetings, and church, school, and civic organization performances. In the 1930’s a bowling alley was put in, and the hall was also used as a roller skating rink. During the 40’s and 50’s the hall was used as a movie theater and dance hall. In 1995, the hall was purchased by George Widely for 25,000 dollars. The people of Brooks came together to help renovate the hall into a theater and the grand opening took place on June 28th, 1997. The Friends of Marsh River Theater lead by Mary Lockhart, took over the theater in December 1998. Since its opening, the Marsh River Theater has been host to many acts both local and traveling, and an eclectic array of musicals and plays have been performed on its stage.