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Patricia Kaplan

In the fall of 2020, six months after my husband's sudden death, I was writing poetry when a vision appeared out of nowhere. I began to wonder about sending my poetry to friends and acquaintances who I knew to be artistically inclined, whether painting, drawing, photography, etc. I decided to write and ask folks I knew either personally or through internet media sites if they would read one or two of my poems and if an image was evoked would they be consider creating something in response. Amazingly, sixteen submissions have been turned in and paired with my poetry. The Treasure Trove Artistry project has taken off, has a life of its own through what we name the creative impulse using humans as the conduit, we provide the platform for a spiralling of creative energy. We have been chosen to display on the walls of the Hutchinson Center from October to December this year. We are so excited to share the magic of Art Speaking to Art. We believe the Treasure Trove Artistry is where creativity not only meets the road, it is the road. Thank you, Patricia Kaplan, cell: 617 633-9627