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Petrea Noyes

I work with machinery and software as well as traditional media to make my art…a Gateway computer, Intous tablet, HP Scanjet, Picture Window 4.5, Adobe Essentials, Corel Painter X and an Epson Pro 9800 archival 44” printer. Over the past 14 years I have developed a number of digital raster-based processes employing three or more software programs that I use to alter and modify personal, found and appropriated photographic images.

My recent body of work explores concepts of family, memory, and constructed narrative. The work in this series was originally inspired by photographs in a 100-year old family album inherited from my Norwegian grandmother. These found images are heavily altered and manipulated in the finished works which combine photography with mixed media and painting. I think of my work as a trans-generational project—the past reaching forward, the present reaching back.

My other source of found vintage photographs is on-line searches using eBay to find anonymous snapshots from the 1950’s and 60’s, usually relating to sailing, boats, horses, horse shows, family groups, motorcycles- all of which hold special meaning for me based on my own life experiences.