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Yo Mamma’s: Belfast’s “Cheeky Little Department Store”

WWelcome to Yo Mamma's – our beloved cheeky little department store where laughter abounds and the senses are dazzled! We are located in downtown Belfast on upper Main Street. Open 7 days a week and all year long!

The store began in 2005 with two creative and resourceful women (Mallery Dalto and Sandhya Maltby) and their vision for a zany, exciting, stylish and warm-hearted emporium of fun. Their goal was to welcome and honor our vibrant community and to extend their enthusiasm to all visitors exploring our spirited city.

Fast forward 10 years, and now Yo Mamma's is in the gracious hands of our new owner Beverly Mann, who for the last 8 years had been the general manager. Her attention to detail and keen eye kept Yo Mamma's solvent. Along with her creative flair and her warm smile, she is always a welcoming presence.

Lisa Agostini, is a creative force always looking for the edge. Our stationery and over all artistic manager she has been with us for 11 precious years.

Danielle Broadley & Maggie Goscinski, who came on board this past August & September 2016, each bring their own fresh, thoughtful, expressive and skilled vibe to Yo Mamma's.