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Appleton Creamery

Appleton Creamery is a small-scale dairy goat farm, producing award-winning farmstead and artisan cheese. Cheese is handcrafted daily from the milk from our herd of Alpine dairy goats, cow milk from Hope’s Edge Farm, and sheep milk from Northern Exposure Farm in Holden. Located in  Read More »

Eat More Cheese

Eat More Cheese is a cheese and specialty food shop located n the historic downtown district of Belfast, Maine. We offer a Cheese of the Month Club. We carry a wide variety of cheeses from across the United States and abroad, as well as accompanying  Read More »

Toddy Pond Farm

T Toddy Pond Farm is a diversified family farm and grade A licensed dairy in Monroe, ME. We specialize in cow's milk value added products - cheese, yogurt, kefir and ice cream. We also raise pigs for wholesale and retail direct sale, sheep for meat  Read More »