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Hermitage Fiberart

Hermitage Fiberart features unique weavings in handspun fiber and recycled fabric. The studio is a small canvas yurt located on Lighthouse Road adjacent to Fort Point State Park on Cape Jellison. One of a kind garments and accessories in handspun wool, alpaca and silk and  Read More »

In Joy Emporium and Three Raven’s Reiki

Deborah Diemer–fiber artist, sewing lessons, Reiki master teacher, organic gardener, and passionate lover of ducks & dogs–offers handmade items through her listings below. Deborah also offers private or group sewing, spinning, weaving and Reiki lessons. Through Three Ravens Reiki, Deborah offers intuitive, healing, relaxing Reiki  Read More »

Lupine Cottage

The Lupine Cottage is an artisan’s co-operative founded in 2005. The more than 55 members are primarily from the mid-coast of Maine and specialize in using natural and recycled materials to produce one-of-a-kind creations. The membership includes painters, weavers, quilters, needle crafters, jewelry makers, fleece  Read More »

Northern Solstice Alpaca Farm

Northern Solstice Alpaca Farm welcomes you to endulge in the warmth of Alpaca!! Northern Solstice Alpaca farm was established in 2004. Our barns were designed and built specifically for alpacas. In August, 2006, we purchased our first 3 alpacas and our business was on its  Read More »