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Abbie Read

While printmaking was Abbie Read’s particular passion for many years, early on she also drew and painted watercolors of the landscape of Maine and around New England, learned how to make paper, and in graduate school studied welding, rustic furniture making, furniture design, assemblage, oil  Read More »

Betsy Headley

A well-traveled, photographer, artist and poet, Betsy Headley is resident of Belfast Maine, a community rich in the arts. Betsy graduated from Metropolitan State College in Denver Colorado with a major in Anthropology and a minor in Fine Arts. Although an amateur photographer in her  Read More »

Betts Gallery at the Belfast Framer

Since 2002 Betts Gallery has shown a diverse collection of art, featuring very large abstract canvases to beautiful found object sculptures of wood, metals and elements of nature. We have had print shows, installation art, artists book exhibits to name just a few. The artists  Read More »

Betty Schopmeyer Art

Betty Schopmeyer is a Maine artist. I started painting three years ago, after taking a color theory class with Kris Engman. Still studying, still experimenting, and still learning, I am having a wonderful time with color architecture, negative space, shape, and design. My paintings aim  Read More »

Bright Bird Studios- Kate McLeod

Kate McLeod’s Bright Birds Studio and modern cottage are set perfectly into a sloping one-acre landscape of terraces, gardens, stone walls, and trees on leafy Patterson Hill just across the bridge from Belfast. There are two lovely bedrooms available in Bright Bird cottage. Organic vegetarian  Read More »

David Estey

David Estey is a painter in Belfast, a Maine native who also lived, taught and exhibited in the Mid-Atlantic States and North Carolina. He has degrees from Rhode Island School of Design and George Washington University. He studied a year in Rome and 14 years  Read More »

Deborah Flood

Deborah Flood’s Impressionistic Realism is achieved using dry brush watercolors, on 300lb watercolor paper. A technique that draws the viewer in, to “see” more. Flood creates the spirit of an animal or the Human Form to communicate a message of empowerment, that may be over  Read More »

Deborah Jellison Studio

Many of my childhood and adult experiences have involved being in or around the Maine woods. Although my paintings include both realistic and non realistic imagery they are imaginary spaces filled with symbolism and are idea based. Experimentation with different materials and techniques allows me  Read More »

Ed Moffitt – The Organic Image

Artwork for the images that come in dreams, images from the “walk about”, artwork for the healing of old wounds and the wounds that linger, the artwork that is tough to do, the artwork of the passage from life to death, of finality and the  Read More »

Gail Wartell

After nearly 40 years in Portland, Maine, Gail moved to Belfast a few years ago. Happily inspired by the rolling hills, huge skies, farm critters, and ocean views of Midcoast, she has been producing a huge body of new work. Gail is a graduate of  Read More »

Isaac Wright

Isaac Wright originally hales from the Bangor area. In 2009 he moved to Belfast because he could not keep his dog, Bugsy, where he was living. Wright visited Belfast with musician Eric Green for whom he designed the Eric Green Party logo and hats. People’s  Read More »

Jeffrey Ackerman and Kathy Weinberg

Jeffrey and Kathy work on painting, and sculpture in a timber frame workshop and studio that they built, themselves from timber milled by a neighbor on the Weymouth Road in Morrill. Their artwork, painting and sculptures are based on aspects of ancient art combined with  Read More »

Jon Byrer Art

My work is my view of the complex beauty in the Maine landscape. From bodies of water to country roads, I strive to capture the movement in each scene. My art is inspired by Maine’s raw natural beauty and the architecture and culture of the  Read More »

Kathi Peters – Cob Cottage Studio

F From the sanctuary of our small Maine horse farm I have found subjects that inspire me to paint them. Light and shadow call out to be put on canvas. I move from realism to abstraction, mixing the two …. I see color, edges, movement  Read More »

Kay Sullivan Studio

Kay Sullivan’s drawings and paintings portray nature’s energy. They are a reflection on time’s passing: its rhythms, cycles, seasons. Emphasizing marks and materials, she strives to maintain a balance allowing the landscape to emerge with her marks. These marks are the evidence she leaves of  Read More »