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Betts Gallery at the Belfast Framer

Since 2002 Betts Gallery has shown a diverse collection of art, featuring very large abstract canvases to beautiful found object sculptures of wood, metals and elements of nature. We have had print shows, installation art, artists book exhibits to name just a few. The artists  Read More »

Bright Bird Studios- Kate McLeod

Kate McLeod’s Bright Birds Studio and modern cottage are set perfectly into a sloping one-acre landscape of terraces, gardens, stone walls, and trees on leafy Patterson Hill just across the bridge from Belfast. There are two lovely bedrooms available in Bright Bird cottage. Organic vegetarian  Read More »

Deborah Corbett

Iam originally from Southern Maine having grown up on Peaks Island. In 2011, at the age of 59 I moved to Santa Fe, New Mexico to attend the Institute of American Indian Arts; a tribal college representing indigenous tribes of the US and Canada. I  Read More »

Jeffrey Ackerman and Kathy Weinberg

Jeffrey and Kathy work on painting, and sculpture in a timber frame workshop and studio that they built, themselves from timber milled by a neighbor on the Weymouth Road in Morrill. Their artwork, painting and sculptures are based on aspects of ancient art combined with  Read More »

Maine Farmland Trust Gallery

Maine Farmland Trust (MFT) created the Maine Farmland Trust Gallery because of the belief in farming and committed to the future of farming. The vision is of a gallery that captures the vibrancy of Maine’s farms and farmers, the intimate relationship to the earth and  Read More »

Ron Cowan

Using chainsaw, chisel and grinder, Ron has made a name for himself sculpting faces in old barn beams, stumps, and logs. A tour of the town and the surrounding area gives much evidence of his labor, with many pieces standing along public ways and in  Read More »

Shawna N.M. Barnes

Shawna Barnes is a sculptor, and also is the owner of JSB Arts, which specializes in small handmade ceramic decor items. “Ranging from jewelry and ornaments to larger wall tiles, my goal is to enhance your daily life with art that brings a smile to  Read More »

Van der Ven Studios

A lovely little studio and gallery nestled in the heart of Lincolnville offering exquisite pottery and sculpture in porcelain, stoneware, and other materials. Available for commission. Having received an undergraduate degree in printmaking with a minor in sculpture, Simon van der Ven worked as a  Read More »