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Maine Arts Commission Invites Producers and Presenters to a Performing Arts Forum

From the Maine Arts Commission:


“The Arts Commission is delighted to offer a Performing Arts Forum for Producers & Presenters on Monday, September 18, at the newly renovated Frontier Café in Brunswick.

The event will include two amazing sessions. A morning meeting for performing arts producers, and an afternoon meeting for those who present the work of touring artists. Each session will open with a panel discussion followed by small group breakout conversations.

Producers = People who make theatrical, dance, and/or musical works

Presenters = People who exhibit touring theatrical, dance, and/or musical works

You can sign up for either of these sessions or for the full day: Maine is certainly home to people and organizations that both produce and present. Tickets are $10 per session or $25 for the full day (which includes one of Frontier’s famous lunches). Registration is now open here.

Whether or not you register, we’d appreciate your input on the shape and content of the day’s sessions. Please take two minutes (literally) to complete this questionnaire to help guide our planning of topics and speakers, and to ensure the Forum specifically addresses your highest and most current needs.

The planning survey is at: https://goo.gl/forms/kaFol8TCttYnJ5t02

Registration is at:


More information is available on the Arts Commission website, where panelist and content info will be updated.”