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Perimeter Gallery at Chase’s Daily presents ‘Rising’ – work by Sarah Hewitt

From the Perimeter Gallery:

“Perimeter Gallery is pleased to present RISING, an installation of woven sculptural work, suspended and mounted throughout our space, by Maine artist Sarah Hewitt.  The exhibition opens Thursday, October 12, with a reception that evening from 6 to 8 pm, and continues through December 31.

Sarah Hewitt uses the traditional crafts of weaving and stitching to create riotous and sprawling work that marries vivid yarn with job lot finds, natural objects, gaudy trims, sequins, pompoms, flagging tape, crystals—anything in which she sees potential to bewitch or dazzle. With these disparate and often cast-off materials, she weaves, draws, conjures, aggregating clashes of color and texture in pieces that can engage both as tapestries and abstract creatures.

Ultimately, Sarah “makes hundreds of intersections and textile connections come together and sing; but the tune is not a hymn,” she asserts. “This work is deep, dark, dirty and gritty.  I am not creating a spectacle for fun or frivolity.  This is serious business for me.  This is crafting a new fabric in a new manner that is complicated—as complicated and fragile as our contemporary moments.”

Perimeter Gallery is located at Chase’s Daily, 96 Main Street, in Belfast , Maine.  Gallery hours are 7-5, Tuesday through Saturday, 8-2 on Sunday. For more information call 338-0555, or email perimeter96@gmail.com.”